Sexual assault does not always aim to get pleasure from sex. It can be concern about having control over the people to assert power. Most of the time offenders abused themselves by touching and using different types of gadgets and toys, but it is not always the case. Sexual assault is a serious and horrible crime and should be punished by the law.

Most of the people are having several confusions about sexual assault. Are only women can be sexually assaulted? Researches have been proved that both males and females can be sexually assaulted. The offenders can be any stranger having any sexual orientation. Is the most rapist involved in this act are strangers? It can be strangers but it has one thing in common that all the offenders were sexually assaulted survivors that get addicted to it and use all their energy and time in this kind of activity to engage others to become their victim.


How sexual assault behavior affects someone?
Sexual assault affects you in several ways including the following


The most common victim reaction to sexual assault is fear. At the time of the assault, most victims have an overwhelming experience is fear– of being physically injured (beaten, cut, shot, etc.) or even of being killed. Fear responses associated with the assault (to certain sights, sounds, smells, thoughts, etc.) can persists for weeks, months, or even years.

The victim experiences anxiety of being harassed by the offender and unable to feel relax. They always thinking about what will happen if they again get sexually assaulted by someone.

Another common reaction to sexual assault is a sense of sadness or depression. There may be feelings of hopelessness and despair, frequent crying spells, and sometimes even thoughts of suicide. A loss of interest in activities and things that previously were enjoyable often accompanies these feelings of sadness and despair. Nothing seems like it is fun anymore.

They might feel guilty about why did they go there and allow them to do these dirty acts. The victims tell him- or herself such things as, “I should not have been out that late,” or “I should have been dressed differently,” or “If I had been more careful about locking the door, this would not have happened.”

Victims may re-experience the assault over and over again in their thoughts and/or in their dreams. When this happens, it is almost as though the assault is occurring again. This re-experience of the event is called a flashback.

They might isolate themselves because of the guild and afraid of getting involved again. They begin to live alone in the guilt feelings with low self-esteem that they cannot do anything and they are not good enough now.

Loss of interest in Sex
After an assault it is not unusual for the victim to experience a significant loss of interest in sexual relations. Understandably, sexual assault trauma would lead to an avoidance of sexual activity. There may be other factors involved, however. For instance, it is very common for people who are depressed to experience a decrease in libido or sexual drive. Some of these reactions are connected. For some women, having flashbacks, for example, may increase their concern about losing control of their lives and may even intensify the fear responses.

Feeling dirty
Self-image frequently suffers as a result of the assault. Many victims report feeling “dirty” and may take frequent showers to feel clean.

Lose of trust
It is difficult for them to trust someone and being involved in social activities because they may have victimized by their love one or strangers. So it I more difficult for them to easily trust someone and allow them to enter in their life.


How to cope if you have been sexually assaulted?


When someone has been sexually assaulted, it is hard for them to recover from mental illness. In this blog, I am going to tell you all the tips to cope with the psychological issues you are facing after the event.
Here are a few psychological techniques you can practice.

The first thing you have to do is to find someone you can talk to, such as family members, close friends, psychologists, and counselors. After having a conversation with someone you might feel relaxed and less frustrated.

Consult with an expert of PTSD
After getting sexually assaulted by someone, it is not easy to get back to the previous condition because that specific event can cause post-traumatic stress disorder. Get a consultation with a mental health professional to deal with this issue.

Positive self-talk
In this technique, you have to sit in front of the mirror and positively talk to yourself. Talk about your strengths, good side of yourself, and try to avoid negative thoughts by saying some positive statements to yourself.

Join a support group
Join a group or organization that deals with sexually abused people. It can help you coping the symptoms, learning new strategies to deal with the situation, and make you feel relaxed. You can search for an organization or group in your area or any online trusted group.

Use NLP to fade the negative event
You have to find the triggers that make you feel ashamed, guilty, and anxious. Try to replace those triggers with a positive event. It is a type of neuro-linguistic programming in which you have to imagine the positive and happiest moment of your life and make an image of the event, then imagine that traumatic event and paint that negative event with the positive memory image. It will reduce your severity level and the negative memories will fade away.

Do relaxation exercises
Whenever you feel anxious and depressed, do relaxation exercises including deep breathing. In this exercise, you have to inhale through the nose and hold your breath for five seconds and imagine that your all negative thoughts and anxiety came into your gut and then exhale through the mouth slowly. Do this exercise every time you feel panic or anxious.


Lifestyle changes
There are several ways to cope with the situation by changing your routine and to take care of yourself.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs: Consuming drugs and alcohol make it difficult to recover from the traumatic event because these drugs completely change your emotional state and also impact mental health. So, try to avoid drink alcohol to deal with these types of problems.
  • Eat healthily: Nutrition plays a vital role in balancing your emotional state. Take a start from an energetic breakfast, add omega-3 in your diet, and try to avoid eating junk and processed food and soda drinks.
  • Quality sleep: Sleep deprivation can trigger anxiety, irritability, and mood swings. Try to sleep at least 8 hours at night and listen to calming music before sleep.
  • Get yourself busy: When we do not have things to do, our brain automatically slows down the cognitive abilities including memory, concentration, attention, and thinking process. It leads towards the automatic negative thought activation that will disturb the psychological and emotional state of the person.