Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking


Every year, many cases of human trafficking are reported all over the world, but it is most rampant here in the United States. Here, human trafficking happens to all races, ages, gender, and nationality. The most common trick used by human traffickers here in the United States involves luring with gifts, manipulation, false promises, use of violence, promises of well-paying jobs, and luring victims with romantic relationships. The victims end up in forced and unpaid labor or exploitation through commercial sex.

In the United States, they look for the vulnerable population and those susceptible for different reasons. It may include emotional vulnerability, psychological vulnerability, and economic hardship, and poor social safety, lack of political stability, or occurrence of national disaster. The human traffickers cause a lot of trauma to the victims forcing them not to identify themselves as victims or look for help even in public settings. It is tough to recognize the victim who can be in a shop, gas station, or other work areas. Human trafficking in the current world considered modern slavery.


Here in the United States, you might not see the problem, but it is there. The States Department in the United States estimates that there are 24.9 million human trafficking cases in the world. Each year, estimates indicate that about 5000 people trafficked explicitly here in the United States. Most of these victims of human trafficking in the US come from the Philippines and Mexico. Among the criminal human trafficking cases reported in the US in 2018, half of them involved sex trafficking with children as the most victims. However, in the US, there is no official number of human trafficking victims.

Human trafficking mainly involves using fraud, force, or coercing to obtain some form of advantage. It may be labor benefits or sexual benefits. Sex trafficking, on the other hand, involves coercion and fraud to forced commercial sex. Standard practices in sex trafficking include pornography, escort services, illegal massage businesses, and brothels, as well as an outdoor solicitation. Labor trafficking, on the other hand, involves inducing or forcing someone to work or provide some form of service. Some of the common types of labor trafficking include working in restaurants, domestic work, working in farm plantations, carnivals, or cleaning services.

According to the hotline, California, Texas, and Florida are the first ranked states on human trafficking cases. Due to the high level of homelessness and city culture, Las Vegas also considered a human trafficking hot spot. Moreover, New York City and Queens are explicitly a destination for trafficking, which has several documentaries. Its geographical location mainly facilitates human Trafficking in New York on the eastern corridor. However, every state in the United States has a case involving human trafficking. Everyone knows that New York is the epicenter of everything, whether it is legal or illegal.