show the victims of abuse

Sexual assault is an act or behavior in which an individual intentionally touches another person without his/her permission or consent and forces a person to engage in the sexual activity against their will to assert power and control over the people. Sexual assault has many forms including rape, groping, child sexual abuse, and torture of the person in a sexual manner. It is a type of sexual disorder in which the person gets pleasure by touching or forcing others in a way that the other person gets angry and frustrated at him. It also includes touching forcefully strangers and rubbing their genitals with the person’s body and feel aroused and excited about the reaction of the victim.

Any sexual touching that occurs without the will or consent of the person is sexual violence and no one has the right to touch you without your permission.

It can be happened anywhere, in the subways, workplace, between co-workers, in the clubs or bars, and on the beach, etc.

Penetration without person’s consent is also a type of sexual assault in which the person forcefully does penetration in the vaginal and anus area and also includes oral sex without the person’s will. This act leads to different horrible physical effects. It is a serious type of crime and can lead to long term consequences.

Sexual assault is a serious crime with several horrible consequences. It affects both the offender and the victim in many ways. They feel disturbed psychologically, emotionally, and physically that take whole life a person to recover from these