Alarming Reality

emotional state after exploitation

Every year, many cases of human trafficking are reported all over the world, but it is most rampant here in the United States. Here, human trafficking happens to all races, ages, gender, and nationality. The most common trick used by human traffickers here in the United States involves luring with gifts, manipulation, false promises, use of violence, promises of well-paying jobs, and luring victims with romantic relationships. The victims end up in forced and unpaid labor or exploitation through commercial sex.

Sexual assault

Sexual assault is an act or behavior in which an individual intentionally touches another person without his/her permission or consent and forces a person to engage in the sexual activity against their will to assert power and control over the people. Sexual assault has many forms including rape, groping, child sexual abuse, and torture of the person in a sexual manner. It is a type of sexual disorder in which the person gets pleasure by touching or forcing others in a way that the other person gets angry and frustrated at him.

Sexual assault does not always aim to get pleasure from sex. It can be concern about having control over the people to assert power. Most of the time offenders abused themselves by touching and using different types of gadgets and toys, but it is not always the case. Sexual assault is a serious and horrible crime and should be punished by the law.

Most of the people are having several confusions about sexual assault.